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The Bamboo Sales Assistant


The Bamboo Sales Assistant is a package where you get a free website and course that will help you to get 15 leads per month each worth $100 and cost only $2 each

Bamboo Plow Kit

$65.00 - $197.00

With the Bamboo Plow Kit, we help you to get your bearings on a single project, category of life, or business. We help you to get your feet wet and start plowing the soil for your business to grow on. As a bonus, we will also maintain your Bamboo Site.

Bamboo Sow Kit


In this kit you will level up. Bigtime. Instead of a plan for the coming three to six months on one project/area, Here you will create your Tree Of Life and your Bamboe Business Tree. This is a design for your whole life and for your business. These two designs will be the beating heart for the entirety of your life and the life of the business you create.

Bamboo Snack Kit: The Sustainable Start

$32.00 - $97.00

Don't know who your ideal client is? Discover your market and analyse yourself and your business to learn the 20% that will get you 80% of the results.

Free Bamboo Site


Get a free forever Wordpress hosted website that is lightning fast and all yours!

Custom Domain ( + Set-up

$1.00 - $12.00

When you get a free website you of course also want to have your own domain. Unfortunately, it's not possible to do that for free but we can make it simple and buy one and set it up for you.

Sustainable Sales Training Package


Everything you need to turn leads into paying clients worth an average of $1.000,- per client.

+1GB For Your Website


Add 1GB of Space For Your Website