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FREE Training On How To Get More Than Fifteen Leads Per Month Worth $100 And Cost Only $2 Each WITHOUT Even Needing A Website

And No... You Don't Need To Spend A Lot Of Time On Cold Calling, Cold Emailing, SEO Or Advertising

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You don't need a website but they do help and you can get one hosted with us for FREE as well!

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Secret #1:

Consistent Lead Flow

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How to create consistent highly quality lead flow for your business without having to spend hours reaching out to people or hundreds of dollars on advertising...

Secret #2:

Find Your Ideal Client

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Find the leads who are worth atleast $50 or more with pinpoint accuracy without having to spend any money to do this and no... It's not SEO.

Secret #3:

80% Automated

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Not only will you be able to generate 15+ leads monthly, but you will also be able to automate 80% of the process, meaning you only spend about 1-2 hrs per week on acquisition.

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Hi! I'm Jorick 

Here's a little about me

  • Served 100's of sustainable entrepreneurs towards the life and business of their dreams
  • 11 Years of experience in Sustainable Business, Internet Marketing and Psychology
  • ​Spend Over 50k In Courses Learning From The Best Of The Best (Tony Robbins, Russel Brunson, Ray Dalio). All so you don't have too!
  • ​Accelerates The Sustainable Revolution Since 2017
  • ​Purchased And Sold A Sustainable Business In The Tiny Living Space

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