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Primary Blog/Market Analysis/Groups & Hashtags Around Sustainability on LinkedIn

Groups & Hashtags Around Sustainability on LinkedIn

Thursday, December 01, 2022

Sustainable groups on LinkedIn

On every social media channel there are groups about topics. No different for LinkedIn. Finding the right groups is quite easy. You go to the LinkedIn search bar and search for a topic or theme.

You will then see that a number of categories expand. If you then click on groups you will get an overview of groups related to what you have searched for:

Search through the list to see which groups are of interest to you.

For example, in the list above you see:

1. Urgenda

The organization for sustainability and innovation that wants to make the Netherlands sustainable faster, together with companies, governments, social organizations and private individuals. In this group, professionals share their knowledge about sustainable mobility, energy and construction. Sustainable together faster!

2. Sustainable innovation

A meeting place for people from business, design, science and politics.

3. Sustainable business

Largest network group for professionals in the field of sustainable business, corporate social responsibility ( CSR ), CSR and sustainability and business. Linked to the Online Knowledge Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

4. Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) or sustainable business is a form of business aimed at economic performance (profit), with respect for the social side (people), within the ecological preconditions (planet). This group is a network around this topic. The management of this group is done by MVO Nederland These 4 are mainly the largest groups regarding sustainability and CSR on LinkedIn at the moment.

Sustainable Hashtags

Just like on Facebook or Instagram, you also have hashtags on LinkedIn and many people do use them, but if you jokingly click through on what they tag, you will see in most cases that there are quite a few followers on these hashtags!

Of course this doesn't make much sense and that's why I can advise you to first see which hashtags your target group follows before you decide to add them.

However, LinkedIn does not make this easy, the only way is to do this in LinkedIn itself and look it up by hashtag.

You go to LinkedIn search bar

You will now see that it is replenished. These are hashtags that actually have volume. Then click on them and see how many followers there are on the hashtag.

Then you write this down, my preference is in a Google Sheet. With regard to sustainability, here are a number of hashtags that we have found:

87954 jpg

Found more hashtags that fit this? We would like to hear it!

English Hashtags

Screenshot 2022-12-01 104822 png

These are hashtags purely focused on the subject of sustainability, but there are also hashtags about the product or service you have.

Of course, this also applies to groups. Do you want help with this or do you want to know more about the possibilities of LinkedIn? Call +31 (0)85 760 00 62 or email


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