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6 Important Questions for Keyword a Analysis

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

A keyword analysis creates clarity in what interesting keywords are to target your website. Both organically and through advertisements. Keywords are often keywords/topics of your business. They are the keywords or phrases that potential customers type into search engines such as Google. For example, the keyword of this page is: "keyword analysis".

A keyword analysis answers the following questions:

  • What keywords associate with your business? ​
  • Which keywords have high search volume and low competitiveness?
  • ​What do competitors' landing pages look like?
  • ​Which landing pages focus on these keywords?
  • ​Is the competitor's content better? Why not)?
  • ​What is the (estimated) conversion rate on the website / page?

Find Keywords

To answer the first question and find the keywords that suit your company, you can use the following step-by-step plan:

  • Open an Excel sheet.
  • Write down your product(s) and/or service(s). ​
  • Describe sub-products or topics of these products. ​
  • ​Write down your target groups.
  • ​Write down your target audience's interests related to your company and products.
  • ​Make combinations between the products and the interests of your target groups.

Figure 1: Example keyword brainstorm

Keyword analysis with Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner can be found in Google AdWords. With this tool you can find out what the search volume and the competitive strength of chosen keywords are.

Enter keywords and target group

In the start screen of the Google Keyword Planner you can enter the keywords you have written down.

You can also set the location, language and filters.

The result is as follows (note, only with an account with which you pay, the overview is as below):

With this information you can find out which words people are searching for a lot and where there is little competition. If these words are relevant to your business, it will benefit you to be found on them.

What it means exactly:

  • Avg. monthly searches is the number of searches in the location you set.
  • Competition is competitiveness. NB! This is the competitive strength of paid advertising on search engines not the competitive organic strength. Often the organic competitive strength is equal to paid advertising but this is not always the case!​
  • Suggested bid is the cost per click when this word is advertised through Google.​

Competition content

The best place to discover what your target audience wants when they type in the keywords found is with the competitor. Enter the keywords on Google and view the top results. How is the title and text structured in Google? You can also get additional useful information about these results with the Mozbar Addon for Google Chrome.


The top result provides a step-by-step plan on how to make a target group analysis. It is interesting to discover why this is so. So analyze the websites of the top results.


  • Good use of headlines
  • ​No images
  • ​No video
  • ​Written 2 years ago
  • ​No use of online marketing to measure target audience
  • ​No use of humour
  • ​Introduction could be better

This is enough information to develop a page that does have these points!

Landing pages

When a list has been made with the best-scoring keywords, landing pages must be placed on the website or optimized for these words.

Conversion rate

Unfortunately, the conversion rate of a new page / website can only be estimated in the beginning. However, with Google Analytics and enough data it can be measured. The conversion rate is the percentage of users who complete an action on a website. For example, calling the telephone number or sending an email. The higher this percentage the better.

Next step

When the keyword analysis is done and landing pages have been created that are better than those of the number 1 then it is time to share the content and sell.

Start with this link about link building or contact us for more information.



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