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Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and it is used as a sustainable building material. In the far east they have a bamboo species called the Chinese bamboo tree and the Chinese bamboo tree takes five years before anything is visible above the ground. However, once the bamboo tree breaks through, it grows very quickly.

27 meters high in 5 weeks!

The growth of a new company often has a similar story. A company only needs marketing instead of water.

The Dream

A sustainable revolution is currently underway. We see that revolution as a green explosion, we call it the Greennova.

Our vision is one that is shared by many and that more and more people see: a future where humanity lives in balance with nature. Where all energy is sustainable, we live regeneratively, the 16 sustainable goals have been achieved and are being monitored.

Our mission is to accelerate the sustainable revolution. We do this by letting people with sustainable ideas and companies grow like bamboo!


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