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Get 5-20+ Appointments Every Month With Potential Clients Each Worth Atleast €10.000 FOR FREE

You Can Start TODAY,  And No... You Don't Need To Waste Time On Cold Calling, Cold Emailing, SEO Or Advertising

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The higher your average client value is and the higher conversion you have from an appointment to a sale, the more this system will be give you.

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Secret #1:

Consistent Lead Flow

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Learn how to create consistent high quality lead flow for your business without having to spent  hundreds of dollars on advertising...

Secret #2:

Find Your Ideal Client

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Be able to find potential clients who are worth atleast $10.000 or more with pinpoint accuracy without having to spent any money.

Secret #3:

Grow Your Network

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Not only will you be able to generate 5-20+ appointments but you will also greatly increase your network with the right people that you can connect with regularly.

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Hi! I'm Jorick 

Here's a little about me

  • I generated over 13.500 high-ticket appointments for myself and clients.
  • ​I served 100's of sustainable B2B SME entrepreneurs towards their goals.
  • I have 12 Years of experience in Sustainable Business, LinkedIn Acquisition, Internet Marketing and Psychology
  • ​I Spent Over 50k In Courses Learning From The Best Of The Best (Tony Robbins, Russel Brunson, Alex Hormozi).​
  • I Fight As A Warrior Of Sustainability To Accelerate The Sustainable Revolution Since 2017
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What Are Others Saying

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'It amazed me how quick I could apply this strategy and how fast it helped me to get high ticket leads. I have been using this system for the last 7 months and it works great to find the people I want to connect with amd ofcourse, convert them into paying clients.'

- Erik Toenhake

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'Since I met Jorick and we used his strategy for my business I have been getting appointments with high-quality leads left and right.  They are for assignments that are worth over $5,000,- and it's working! Before this I was spending $300 per month in ads that did absolutely nothing... '

- Frank Giesen

Suzan De Vries jpg

'I highly recommend this system as it's simple and fast to set up. I really liked that you didn't necessarily needed a website.

- Suzan De Vries

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'I have been working with Jorick in a pleasant manner for many years. First as a fellow student and then as a freelancer, where we tackled several projects together. He has knowledge of multiple channels, is strong in analyzing data and knows how to easily translate that into bite-sized chunks for his clients. A pleasant partner to work with!'

- Tibor De Boer

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'I got to know Jorick during the minor "Business Class" as eager and honest. In addition to initiative in an honest manner, he not only is an entrepreneur, but he perseveres in his development and that of his client(s)'

- Rudi Sijbring

Thom jpg

'Not many people are so passionate about their work without losing sight of their principles. Jorick is not only good at what he does but he also strives to use his skills to improve the world instead of just enriching himself.'

- Thom Weitenberg

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